Sometimes a mass-produced unit isn’t suitable, this is when a bespoke fitted cupboard is the answer. They are often built beneath a stairs, in a utility area or within an alcove. Here at F A Ingram Carpentry, a new bespoke fitted cupboard will be the ideal solution.

I am often asked to make cupboards so they can be decorated by the customer themselves. This means they save on the labour because they feel able to do it themselves.

Alcove cupboards are often made with floating shelves fitting within the space up to the ceiling. These can be quite thick, which will give a modern look when painted.

Bespoke fitted cupboard within an alcove.
Carpenter and carpentry in Chelmsford, Billericay, Brentwood, Stock, Danbury, Ingatestone and Essex
Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex. Cupboards and wardrobes. Bespoke fitted cupboard.
Alcove cupboard by F A Ingram Carpentry. Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex.
Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex. Bespoke kitchen cupboard in Walnut.
Bespoke fitted cupboard. Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex.

The additional storage will help you hide those unsightly wires, plugs and sockets. Alcove storage is best suited to a Victorian style home, whilst a modern home will benefit from increasing storage in the smaller rooms.

Cupboards can be decorated any colour or retain their natural wood finish. They can also utilise flat-pack furniture, or be made using other off-the-shelf items such as light weight doors. This can make a fitted cupboard a very economic proposition.

Flat-pack carcasses can also be accessorised by using timber columns, or raise them on plinths with a cornice or worktop. By utilising cheap manufactured carcasses, fitted cupboards can be made attractive from a very simple base.

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