When you need a carpenter to fit stairs, handrail, spindles or other stair parts, then using traditional methods and experience from F A Ingram carpentry is the place to visit. I enjoy improving homes, so please visit my contact page to request a price.

An initial visit to your home will be required to take dimensions. We will discuss the style and fit of your new stairs and view some timber samples if necessary.

Make a choice between Hemlock, Oak, pine, Ash, Mahogany or self-colour to suit your own style.

It is difficult to surpass the timeless quality of oak finished in a wax. It gives the softest feel to timber. But with the careful use of paint, the sleek modern look and feel of a spindle painted in white satin will finish your stairs to a very clean appearance.

Fit stairs, handrail, Spindles

If you require just a handrail, they can be fitted utilising all handrail shapes and types of timber. There is also a variety of support brackets to mount the handrail to the wall. They are available in either white, black, chrome or a brass finish. I can often supply an appropriate off-cut of timber to test the effects and feel that different finishes for your new stairs will look best coated with.

It isn’t always necessary to change the complete structure of your stairs to fit stairs, handrail, spindles etc. A budget saving can be made by avoiding needless alterations. Mostly, some of the existing timber can be retained and stripped to expose the beautiful timber you never knew existed. Call me to discuss the available options.

Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex. F A Ingram carpentry fit stairs within your home
Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex. Billericay, Brentwood, Stock, Danbury, Ingatestone.
Fit stairs, handrail, spindles. Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex.
Finished stairs with black painted hand rail.
Carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex. F A Ingram carpenter fit stairs, handrail, spindles.
Oak wall-mounted handrail with neat return to the wall. Call for a price to fit stairs by carpenter in Chelmsford, Essex.

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